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UK Bans Jaguar Ad, Citing Tom Hiddleston’s Devastating Smile Irresponsible Driving

Should we not tell them about Top Gear?


Jaguar says that Brits play the best villains, but apparently their latest ad campaign is just a bit too villainous for the actual British population. Driving recklessly? Quoting Shakespeare? This will not stand!

The commercial above shows Hiddleston as he outlines the steps to being a perfect villain while accepting a very mysterious suitcase in a parking garage, subduing his enemies with the clever use of hidden explosives, and then driving in his F-Type Coupe while reciting a remarkably ironic line from Richard II about how England is the best.

However, at least one English television watcher disagreed, and filed a formal consumer complaint suggesting that the ad encourages car owners to emulate Hiddleston’s reckless driving. Of course, because Tom is such a shining spectacle of humanity that anyone who sees him is compelled to follow his example in every applicable situation. That’s why we all wear horns on our head and behave very politely to everyone we meet.

Despite the fact that most of the ad takes place in the aforementioned parking garage, it’s the second half that provoked the ire of Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority. While Jaguar maintains that there were police officials on set to ensure that the car did not exceed speed limits, the acceleration noise that accompanies the action “appeared to suggest significant speed within an enclosed environment.”

“Whilst on-screen text stated ‘Professional driver. Closed course. Always obey speed limits,’ we considered the overall impression consumers would take from those scenes was of a car being driven on a public road (with other cars present) at speed and that the on-screen text would not negate that impression.” The ASA added, concluding that the ad must not be allowed on television in its current format

I, for one, had no idea that advertisements in the United Kingdom were subject to such scrutiny. In light of this development, I would like the ASA to revisit those ads for McVities Digestives that have the kittens coming out of the container. How did all those adorable kittens even get in there, McVities? Why would you want to eat a biscuit that’s probably all covered in fur? I demand answers!

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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