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Things We Saw Today: Sacha Baron Cohen Tricks Republicans into Filming PSA for Arming Children with Guns

Plus, Magic: The Gathering, X-Men, and Mount Everest.

Tonight marks the premiere of Sacha Baron Cohen’s new docu-series, Who is America?, which airs on Showtime tonight. Baron Cohen is best known for his characters Ali G, Borat and Brüno, who he uses to trick unsuspecting guests and celebrities into making shocking revelations. In this sneak peek from his new series, Baron Cohen assumes the disguise of Israeli Mossad agent Erran Morad, who is trying to pitch his “Kinder Guardian” program of arming children with guns. He manages to get major Republicans like Trent Lott, Dana Rohrabacher, Joe Wilson, Joe Walsh and others to not only listen to his pitch, but to actively endorse it. It is wickedly funny, but ultimately terrifying when you realize that these dummies are running the country. Make sure you’re registered to vote!

(image: Showtime)

  • Christopher Nolan changed the way Hollywood makes comic book films. This article explores why that is a good and a bad thing. (via Hollywood Reporter)
  • Don’t call it a Deathtouch: Magic: The Gathering cards are now subject to Canada’s retaliatory tariffs thanks to Trump’s asinine trade war. (via Kotaku)
  • Iceman got drunk and hooked up with the wrong guy after a wedding reception. Oh honey, we’ve all been there. (via Comic Book Resources)
  • Like everything else in this world, Mount Everest is covered in trash. (via Live Science)
  • Check out these new images from PBS’s new non-musical adaptation of Les Miserables. (via Deadline)

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