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Twitter Receives Design Overhaul, Cleaner, Concentrated on Four Elements

Though Twitter only recently released the dual-column redesign, they’re at it again, this time cleaning up the interface quite a bit, and focuses on four key elements of the service: Home, Connect, Discover, and Me. Don’t worry, the core of the service still stands, and if you use a Twitter client like the rest of the world tends to do, just set up the universal tweet key command and you won’t even have see the new stuff if you prefer to stick to your old, curmudgeonly ways.

The Home section is what you may expect: A collection of tweets from the people you follow, complete with videos and pictures embedded directly into the stream. This is your basic Twitter. The new Connect section is pretty much your ego station, displaying who has followed or mentioned you, as well as anyone who has retweeted or favorited one of your tweets. The new Discover section is probably the most interesting addition, as it will display tweets based on your location and interests, rather than forcing you to dig through search terms. Like most learning-based services, the more you use Discover, the better it’ll become at knowing what you like to see. Finally, the Me section is simply a more organized profile page, allowing you and other users to see your lists, followers, favorites, and everything else that would normally go here.

On top of these organizational changes, Twitter will be rolling out a new way to embed tweets, which will allow users to reply and follow the tweeter without having to leave the page on which the tweet is embedded.

Along with the main website redesign, the mobile Twitter apps are getting the redesign as well, with the iOS version located here, and the Android version located here.

Below, check out a video introducing the new redesign. What do you all think? Welcomed changes, or would you prefer people to get off your lawn and stop listening to that darned rock music? Those punks.

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