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Twitter is Running a Small Test of an Expandable Timeline

It seems that Twitter is running a small test of a new version of its Timeline. No word on when it’ll roll out or when it’ll be generally accessible, but some of the people who are lucky enough to have it have been covering the details for the rest of us, and it seems pretty cool. Patrick Bisch of Pinglio was one of the lucky ones, and did a brief run through of all the changes.

The biggest thing seems to be the ability to “open” tweets in the Timeline, or expand them if you will. By opening the tweet, you get access to all replies right there in your timeline, so you can presumably catch up on a threaded conversation easily that way. It’s hard to tell if that goes both directions, that is to say, whether opening a mid-conversation tweet will expand the whole discussion out backwards and forwards in time.

Opening a tweet also seems to expand media, so you can see pictures right there. No word on whether it applies to videos as well, but one can only assume. In the realm of weird changes, the retweet, favorite, and reply links have moved to the top of the tweet instead of the bottom. Not a big deal, but I can’t imagine the rationale behind that. All in all, the new features look to make the web interface way more usable. Might get me back from third party apps, some of the time at least.

(via TechCrunch)

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