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How Twitter Killed Zimmerman Trial Juror B37’s Book Deal

And you thought Twitter was just for live-tweeting #Sharknado.

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News came out yesterday that Juror B37 in the George Zimmerman trial had signed a book deal to justify why the jury had no choice but to find Zimmerman not guilty of 2nd Degree Murder and Manslaughter for shooting and killing Trayvon Martin. The news caused predictable shockwaves of outrage, but Twitter user @MoreAndAgain used the power of the Internet to keep the book from happening.

@MoreaAndAgain, like many people, seemed outraged by the verdict in the trial, and that one of the jurors was seemingly so quick to try to turn a profit from the death of Trayvon Martin. There was nothing to be done about the verdict, but the book could still be stopped.

So @MoreandAgain started tweeting, trying to find information about the publisher:

Within ten minutes she found the information on the literary agent representing “B37” and shared it with the world:

@MoreAndAgain posted all the contact information she could find about the agent, and also started a petition:

 So @MoreAndAgain kept tweeting at Martin until she heard a response:

Eventually, @MoreAndAgain was contacted by Martin, which she announced publicly on Twitter as well:

It worked. Martin later tweeted:

Not only did this campaign convince Martin not to represent “B37”, but the juror released this statement as well, saying she won’t be writing the book at all:

Don’t ever say nothing gets accomplished on Twitter. You can read all the tweets @MoreAndAgain deemed relevant to her takedown of this book on the Storify page she created for it.

(via Mediate, @MoreAndAgain, and Storify)

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