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Twitter Goes Down, Broken Error Message Spawns Instant Meme

Earlier today, Twitter went down. Aside from making certain people think their OS X Twitter clients stopped working because of the recent Mountain Lion release, and also throwing stream-of-conscious tweeting computer users into a frenzy, it was an amusing crash. Seen above, the error page shown during the crash when one moseyed on over to As one familiar with the Internet might imagine, the “reason” given for being down, as well as the time in which it was predicted Twitter would be back, quickly spread, and just a quick glance at Twitter when it went back up showcased many people declaring they’d now use “<%= reason %>” for any and all excuses they’d ever need.

Oddly, Google Talk went down earlier today as well, though it wasn’t as halaris as Twitter’s fumble, it’s kind of amusing when the two biggest avenues to communicate on the Internet go down together. Everything’s fine now, except for the existence of all of the funny comedians that are funny and will be using “<%= reason %>” as an excuse from now on.

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