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Get a Look Inside Pro Gaming With the Pro StarCraft II Documentary Good Game

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Watch live video from devolverflix on

[Update:] Sorry, but despite information that indicated this stream would be today, it was actually yesterday. If you’re still interested in seeing the documentary, you can rent it from the Devolver site for $9.95.

Good Game by Devolver Digital follows pro StarCraft II team Evil Geniuses through a year of practice and play in tournaments all over the world. Twitch has really been stepping up their game lately as far as expanding their content, and today they’ll air the documentary on Devolver Digital’s Twitch channel at 1PM EST.

If, like me, you spent your formative years dreaming of what professional gaming might one day look like, here’s where you’ll finally get your answer. The documentary also touches on a controversial player getting booted from the team, and there will be a Q&A with director Mary Ratliff and people who appeared in the film after it airs in the chat on Devolver’s Twitch channel.

While you wait for 1PM to roll around, you can check out the Good Game trailer:

(Devolver Digital via Twitch and Polygon)

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