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Watch the Ender’s Game StarCraft II Tournament Live

Remember, the enemy's Command Center gate is down.

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The simulations in Ender’s Game are pretty much a giant, virtual reality version of StarCraft, and it turns out the studio sees that as the perfect excuse to market the movie’s DVD release with a live streaming StarCraft II tournament. The first round is today at 8:00PM EST, and it will run at that same time on February 5th – 9th.

To see who’s playing and check up on the standings, you can view the tournament’s bracket and schedule here.

Another tournament will run on  from February 11th – 16th, and the winner of each tournament will compete to see who would be best suited to be our hero in a war against the Formics. Or just to be my personal hero by winning a whole lot of money for playing video games, as explained by The Official Twitch Blog:

Sixteen players currently residing in the United States have been invited to play out a galactic battle to promote the release of Ender’s Game on Blu-ray and DVD. On top of a $7000 prize pool, the winning player will be invited to a showmatch against the victor of MLG’s GameOn Tournament to compete for a larger prize pool of $10,000, to be broadcasted on Twitch.

Ender’s Game will release on DVD and Blu-ray on February 11th.

( via Nerdist, image via Ender’s Game)

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