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The Man From Another Planet Boogies Down in New Twin Peaks Teaser

I've got good news.

A teaser for the new season of Twin Peaks is here! Yes, this is all old footage, but it’s also proof that it’s really and truly happening again!

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Showtime debuted a brief ad for the new season during last night’s Homeland premiere; the footage (all from previous Peaks iterations) features actor Michael J. Anderson.

Considering David Lynch has already asked fans to avoid sharing any spoilers about what the new season has in store, it should be interesting to see how the show adapts to the way serial storytelling has changed in the nearly quarter-century since Twin Peaks left the air.

With so much speculation and media attention surrounding reboots and revivals like The X-Files, I’ll be surprised if Twin Peaks manages to keep as many of its secrets on the down-low as the original series did. But here’s hoping!


(via Monkeys Fighting Robots and IGN)

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