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Tweet Angel Will Give You A Phone Call If Someone Bad-Mouths You On Twitter

In this day and age, your presence on a social network can be of the utmost importance, especially when you’re running a small (or not so small) business. Although it may seem superfluous, and social networking may not be your personal cup of tea as a fancy-pants entrepreneur, you and your company can live and die by social media, especially Twitter. If you don’t want to immerse yourself in that particular culture’s habits and practices, but you don’t want to become a social media laughing stock, there’s a Rube Goldbergian solution you can try. Tweet Angel will keep an eye on Twitter for you and notify you — by the old-fashioned method of telephonery — if anyone is talkin’ smack.

The concept is foreign to me, but apparently there are people out there who have a surplus of money and a deficit of time. These kind of people, I suppose, would be the ones willing to pay a monthly fee for the luxury of not having to keep up with the social media Joneses. For the low, low price of $19.95 to $29.95 per month (with a special $9.99 introductory offer), Tweet Angel will perform a number of services for you, all of which basically amount to “acting as a phone to Twitter interface.”

The main service Tweet Angel provides is as mentioned above; they’ll keep an eye on your feed, read your mentions and give busy-old-you a call if someone complains and uses your Twitter handle (or maybe #Screw[YourName] as a hashtag) while doing it. At that point, depending on what services you’re paying for ($19.95 vs $29.95), you can either go take care of it yourself or dictate a response right to that fellow on the phone.

The downside is that while Twitter never sleeps, the folks at Tweet Angel do. As such, you can only expect prompt (within the hour) notifications of negative tweets during their standard office hours, 8:00 a.m EST to 10 p.m EST. That could be an issue if someone with a lot of followers gets particularly miffed late at night, or in a different time zone. They do, however, work 365 days a year. Also, they max out at 30 complaint notifications per month, so don’t have too many enemies.

It’s an interesting idea, sure, but a questionably applicable service. Sure, I may not be the best judge because I happen to love Twitter and also don’t own a business but if I did own a business and was informed that I’d have to keep a really close eye on Pinterest, however, I might consider such a service. In any event, it sure is amusing because really, who talks on the phone? People who don’t understand or bother with Twitter, I guess.

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