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Tucker Carlson Desperately Trying to Remind Us He Exists By Coming After Lauren Duca For No Reason

Remember Tucker Carlson?

Remember Tucker Carlson?

Sure you do. He’s the “partisan hack” that told Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca she should “stick to the thigh-high boots” because he couldn’t comprehend the notion that young women could care about both fashion and politics. Now, six months after she appeared on his show, he’s brought her up again for reasons that require some pretty spectacular mental gymnastics to figure out.

He starts off by claiming credit for her status as a “progressive hero.” While it’s true that her takedown of Carlson gained her quite a lot of attention, she had already won over the hearts of her fanbase with the stellar Teen Vogue article “Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America.” Carlson didn’t do her any favors, and claiming he did is a clear flailing grasp at relevance.

He went on to give what a lot of outlets are calling an apology of sorts, which is taking some major liberties with that word’s definition. Here’s his version of an apology:

“Remember Lauren Duca?” he starts, implying she disappeared in some way. “She’s a writer for Teen Vogue who appeared on this show just before Christmas and delivered a performance so mindless and nasty that I lost control and snapped at her. I shouldn’t have done it, but I did.”

He goes on to say he’s “happy to make people famous,” even though, again, he didn’t, “even not very impressive 26-year-old bloggers like Lauren Duca.” (Side note: Go to hell, Tucker Carlson.) He’s feigning confusion at the attention and esteem Duca holds, enough to have been asked to give the commencement address at Bard College at Simon Rock’s recent graduation ceremony.

Not only is Bard College an accredited university–not sure why Carlson seems so perplexed by that fact–but it’s the country’s only accredited early college, meaning it’s designed for students who start college after 10th or 11th grade, with a student body that’s 60% young women. Can you think of a more fitting choice to speak to these students than a woman bringing overdue attention and legitimacy to a publication aimed at teen girls?

Here’s Duca’s brilliant speech:

So while Lauren Duca is out there inspiring young minds, Tucker Carlson is attempting to use her as an example of the “threat” posed by the progressive left. Those mental gymnastics I was talking about? I hope you stretched first because here we go.

Duca recently tweeted out an admittedly ill-advised (and now deleted) joke about Trump and a plane crash. Carlson manages to tie that into what he sees as the left’s “growing enthusiasm for force as a political tool.” The impetus for this subject? Newly elected Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte’s physical attack on Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs.

Yes, in discussing a Republican politician’s assault on a journalist, it’s liberals who use force, and Duca who somehow epitomizes all of this. I’d try to make more sense of it for you, but it just plain doesn’t make sense. Fox News really does have to scrape the bottom of the manufactured news barrel to avoid criticizing the Trump administration, don’t they?

Honestly, Duca herself has the only worthy response to this whole segment:

(via Mediaite, image: YouTube)

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