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NRA Women Leadership Forum’s Featured Speaker Was Tucker Carlson Because Nothing Means Anything Anymore


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The National Rifle Association is holding its annual meetings in Dallas this weekend, and one of the events on their schedule was their Women’s Leadership Forum Luncheon & Auction. Now, there’s a lot we could get into regarding the NRA’s (and the conservative media that uses the NRA as a talking point) relationship with women—how women like Dana Loesch and Tomi Lahren paint feminism as antithetical to gun ownership. Tami has done this repeatedly. Just yesterday, Loesch was pushing the idea that women had ruined the Boy Scouts by insisting on letting girls join, something that is just 100% factually inaccurate. So yes, there’s a lot to discuss when it comes to the NRA’s gender politics.

But any rational talking point has now been made entirely moot, because the featured speaker at that women’s event was Tucker Carlson. TUCKER. CARLSON.

Tucker Carlson, who told Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca she should “stick to [writing about] thigh-high boots” instead of politics after belittling her for writing for a website geared towards a young female readership.

Tucker Carlson, who later called Duca “mindless and nasty” as he was hurting for ratings.

This is the guy who claimed Democrats “made up the concept of sexual harassment.” His exact impression of sexual harassment was “‘You look great today.’ ‘Boom, I‘m charging you with a crime.’” What a total lack of awareness and empathy for what women experience in so many spaces, not the least of which is the place where Carlson himself works.

He suggested and outright stated time and time again that the only thing Hillary Clinton had going for her in the 2016 election was her gender–as if women have a leg up in pretty much any aspect of society. He also said women (specifically in regard to Clinton) are “more emotional” than men. Have none of these dudes seen Donald Trump say words or do literally anything? Talk about emotional.

He also thought that the number of female journalists covering Hillary Clinton’s campaign was “stacking the deck.” Funny how no one ever says that about male journalists writing about literally any male candidate ever.

All of this is, of course, ignoring Carlson’s incredible racism against immigrants, or against African Americans, or that time he said affirmative action is comparable to Jim Crow laws, or how he downplayed the dangers of neo-Nazis and the KKK months after Charlottesville and said that the real villains are people talking about neo-Nazis and the KKK.

So, happy luncheon, I guess, women of the NRA. If this is what you feel good about, then I’m happy to have to spend less time trying to figure out why you are the way you are. Clearly, this is the upside down, and nothing means anything.

(via Media Matters, image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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