The TSA Doesn’t Think Washington D.C. Is a Real Place in the US is though, right?
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Okay, so you know how Washington D.C. is a real place that exists and humans live there and it’s not made up? Well apparently knowing that is not a requirement to work for the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA). A TSA agent detained a journalist because he had a D.C. drivers license, which the agent didn’t know was a place in the US.

Justin Gray, correspondent for WFTV was flying from Orlando, Florida to D.C. when he was stopped for having an unrecognized license (his D.C. license) and asked for his passport, which he didn’t have because why would he bring it on a domestic flight? Gray told WFTV later that it became clear the agent didn’t know Washington D.C. was a place in the United States, and that he had to speak to the agent’s supervisor before he could get on his flight.

This isn’t an isolated incident either. Gray says he confirmed with the TSA that similar problems have occurred in at least two other airports besides Orlando.

The TSA did release a statement to say that they will be training agents to recognize Washington D.C. licenses.

You can see Gray recount the story in this report from WFTV.

(via Mediaite, image via Leeann Cafferata)

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