TSA to Allow Knives on Planes, But Leave Your Broadsword at Home

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For the first time since September 11, 2001, the Transportation Security Administration is relaxing its guidelines on what items are, and are not allowed on planes. Knives whose blades fall within a very limited range will be allowed to be carried onto planes, as well as some other previously banned items. Don’t worry too much, though. Bottled water? Still banned!

In a document titled “Changes to Prohibited Items List (PIL)” the TSA sad that it “continues to evolve and strengthen its multi-layered approach to aviation security.” That “multi-layered approach” somehow includes letting small knives on planes, while continuing to stop me from bringing on a bottle of water, but okay, sure.

Knives with blades longer than six centimeters, or 2.36 inches, or that are wider than half an inch are still banned, but blade size isn’t the only restriction to what knives do or do not make the cut. The blade, regardless of size, cannot lock into place, and the handle cannot be molded. What do they mean by molded? Don’t worry, they don’t specify whatsoever besides showing you these pictures of some knives you can’t have on a plane:

Knives aren’t the only thing allowed back on planes. Certain pieces of sporting equipment will also be allowed to be brought on board. These include small novelty bats, golf clubs (limited to 2), ski poles, pool cues, lacrosse sticks, and hockey sticks. You can’t bring liquids on the plane, but if you show up in your full Casey Jones Halloween costume, nobody’s going to bat an eyelash.

These new guidelines go into effect on April 25th of this year, and despite the relaxed restrictions on small knives, all razor blades and box cutters are still banned from being brought on board, and probably will be forever.

TSA, any word on when your “evolving” policies will let me bring a bottle of water with me onto a plane? I need you to keep my throat safe from thirst.

(Transportation Security Administration via The Verge)

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