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#TrumpDMLeaks Reminds Us That the Thoughts He Keeps to Himself Must Be Even Worse

Why not make a meme making light of the insanity of our president?

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Of course there’s a new Donald Trump meme on Twitter. Every day, we seem to mock the president more and more (no matter how often we think there’s no way to top the most recent incident), and while humor can help keep our spirits up, it does grow tiring. We shouldn’t be able to mock the leader of our country so easily, and we shouldn’t want to mock that person this badly.

Granted, we didn’t really have Twitter, at least not like we do now, when George W. Bush was president, but even he couldn’t compare to the consistency or the degree of the absurdity coming from the current occupant of the White House. So, part of our coping mechanism seems to be turning the president into more of a joke than he already is.

With this new hashtag, we see the best and brightest in our country roasting the president and refusing to leave poor Toad alone.

Some were pretty spot-on about how we all feel about the president.

Others brought in other presidential memes to form unstoppable meme Voltrons.

If he isn’t disgustingly hitting on someone, he is definitely just DMing himself about how great he is as the president:

Again, the Mario Kart memes were popular with this one, which makes sense, but also please can we stop hurting Toad in this way?

The truth is out there.

Is this a DM that Trump sent to Twitter, or is this user asking if we all want a cabinet position for this meme? Either way, the answer is no.

Most of the shots were at the president’s terrible tan and toupee, perfect symbols of just how much about this man is authentic, really.

But then, of course, the Russian memes began.

We all know the truth …

And then, again, we’re back with the “Trump is in love with his daughter” jokes. Sorry, “jokes.”

But most of all, because we’ve all witnessed how stupid it is, Melania Trump’s attempted Be Best anti-cyberbullying campaign has literally done nothing.

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