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Donald Trump’s Post-Rally Walk of Shame Is the Most Satisfying Meme

Donald Trump sits with his arms crossed.

We all know of the many, many empty seats at Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma at this point. The president was either owned by teens, or he just found out that not that many people were willing to risk their lives to go to a rally to stare at the back of his orange head. Either way, his “million ticket-requested” rally reportedly only filled one third of the arena’s capacity of 19,000 and canceled a planned speech to overflow crowds because … there weren’t any.

From the Saturday night rally onward, Twitter exploded with jokes about the lack of people in attendance, and honestly, seeing an entire section of this arena empty made it incredibly satisfying. The thing is … the rally still shouldn’t have happened during a world health crisis (especially since the president barely addressed it and focused on telling everyone to slow down testing). The entire thing felt like the beginning of every horror movie about the apocalypse, and we all just sat at home and watched it happen.

But you know what’s incredibly fun? Trump sadly walking from Marine One to the White House set to a bunch of different songs. Because why not? The video shows the president walking, looking absolutely defeated. It’s like watching the losing team’s fans leaving a football stadium.

I know it’s so easy to make fun of Donald Trump; it is my favorite pastime, but this is just sad. He’s the worst, single-handedly responsible for the deaths of over 120,000 Americans because of his lack of response to COVID-19, and now, to watch him just dejectedly walk in front of reporters and cameras after a failed rally just gives me a sick sense of glee. I’m glad he’s upset his numbers were wildly less than he thought.

So, Twitter took to mocking it, setting it to sad songs, or just joking about the president, and it’s about the only thing giving me joy right now.

What song would you set to Donald Trump’s sad walk? Let us know in the comments below!

(via HuffPost, image: SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

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