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Donald Trump’s “Roid Rage” Tweets Prompt Jokes That He’s Campaigning for Biden

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Donald Trump is still holed up at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after his COVID-19 diagnosis at … some unknown point last week, but he’s not letting that stop him from campaign misadventures, from comically staged photos claiming he’s hard at work signing blank pieces of paper to drive-by waving at his supporters that unnecessarily endangered those around him.

This morning, he’s picked his Twitter habit up again for some ALL CAPS tweets about random subjects and voting that have gotten “roid rage” trending, due to news that he’s taking dexamethasone, a drug with possible side effects that sound practically designed to create a Super Trump.

However, as the likelihood of Trump pulling out another win in November diminishes, his tweets may not be making the case for supporting him that he imagines they are. Each tweet simply ends with “VOTE” without specifying who to vote for—like the infinite get out  and with proclamations like “PROTECT PREEXISTING CONDITIONS” (and “BETTER & CHEAPER HEALTHCARE”), he just winds up sounding like he’s campaigning for Biden.

We all know that he’s spent the last four years attacking the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act at every turn, and that while Republicans say they want to replace that law with something that also protects those with preexisting conditions, their strategy has seemed to revolve around the disastrous concept of tearing down as much of the ACA is possible at every opportunity and worrying about what to replace it with later. Right now, in the midst of everything else going on, his own Department of Justice and other Republicans are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down the whole ACA in an upcoming case.

So yes, we certainly should all “VOTE” to protect those with preexisting conditions, but probably not for the guy who has done nothing but sign meaningless executive orders meant to give the appearance that he will protect them with no real plan to actually do so.

Then, we’ve got subjects like “PRO LIFE” and “MASSIVE REGULATION CUTS,” when the majority of the country does not support overturning Roe v. Wade—something that is very much on the ballot this year, no matter what Trump says, as Republicans try to complete their theft of the Supreme Court—and … I don’t know; I think people like having clean water and air, a livable planet, basic safety and hygiene, etc.

He’s also bragging about his tax cut that failed to do anything for anyone who actually needs a financial break (and promising more if he’s reelected, which is the same tune we heard from him when he was trying to boost Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections, with nothing to show for it), stock market highs that weren’t benefitting workers, and Space Force—and listen, I blame him for that show existing and would like to start impeachment proceedings on those grounds immediately.

Let’s not forget his assertion that a vote for Biden is a vote for higher taxes … on the rich, which sounds great.

And those are just the most meaningful subjects he rage-tweeted about this morning, let alone his absolutely meaningless “LAW & ORDER” and “RELIGIOUS LIBERTY” proclamations. Actually, you know what? They have meaning, too. Law & order has a storied racist history and by religious liberty, he means allowing people to use their religion as an excuse to discriminate and override people’s rights.

For anyone who’s actually been paying attention, bringing up any one of these subjects unqualified, without some kind of startling revelation about how he actually did a good job at it, is just a reminder of Trump’s many failures—or his success in doing terrible things. So, yes, by all means … VOTE.

Oh, and since he’s fully back to his Twitter addiction, let’s remember: There’s always a tweet.

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