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Not Even the Fox & Friends Hosts Could Handle Donald Trump’s Hour-Long Rant

Fox & Friends hosts look uncomfortable as Trump rants over the phone.

Donald Trump called into Fox & Friends—his #1 favorite show—this morning for an “interview” and ended up ranting for just shy of an hour. It was … a lot.

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Trump used the majority of the time to rail against the impeachment proceedings. He bemoaned the lack of “due process” (ignoring the fact that impeachment is due process) and insulted the witnesses.

He defended his “perfect” call with Ukrainian President Zelensky, using words that don’t actually mean what he probably thinks they do.

He rambled about Hong Kong (“If it weren’t for me, Hong Kong would have been obliterated in 14 minutes”), the border wall (“The wall is electrified, so that if anybody touches it we know exactly what’s happening”), and more, often jumping between subjects in ways that I’m guessing make sense inside his brain but definitely nowhere else.

As part of the impeachment rant, Trump pushed the “CrowdStrike” conspiracy theory, which Fiona Hill touched on yesterday. If you’re not familiar (I envy you), the theory’s supporters claim that it was Ukraine, not Russia, that meddled in the 2016 presidential election. CrowdStrike is the name of the security firm hired by the DNC to investigate the hack and these conspiracy theorists believe that the company is hiding a server in Ukraine. They also believe the Biden family has been conspiring against Republicans in Ukraine.

Hill and diplomat David Holmes both spoke Thursday about how ridiculous, unfounded, and genuinely dangerous these theories are. But Trump refuses to let them go.

His claims are so farfetched that even Fox’s Steve Doocy pushes back, albeit tepidly, asking if Trump was “sure” about all this.

The only thing really worth noting in this hour-long mess is that it 100% backs up David Holmes’ account of overhearing a phone call between Trump and Gordon Sondland. Holmes says he was present with Sondland during the call but could hear Trump’s side of the conversation, specifically him asking about “the investigations.”

Holmes says he could hear Trump easily and clearly because his “voice was very loud and recognizable”—so loud that he says Sondland would wince and hold the phone away from his ear when Trump was speaking.

Trump has repeatedly said it’s impossible to overhear a phone call if the person isn’t on speakerphone.

Not that any of us really doubted it, but this interview makes it clear who’s in the right here.

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