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Trump Campaign Ends With Saddest Press Conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Rudy Giuliani shouting outside an adult store is exactly how we saw this ending.

rudy giuliani sad

For over a year now, Donald Trump has bragged that he will refuse to accept the results of the 2020 election if he loses. He has threatened lawsuits, lied about voter fraud, and discouraged voting by mail. Now that he’s officially lost, he’s sent his sycophants to file multiple lawsuits demanding recounts in several states, all of which have been rejected.

Now, Rudy Giuliani and his legal henchman have given a press conference at the Four Seasons … Total Landscaping company. In a hilarious mistake, Donald Trump announced on Twitter that the press conference would be held at the luxury hotel in Philadelphia, when in fact it was held at a small landscaping company next door to an adult bookstore and a crematorium. It’s a gaffe so absurd that it honestly sounds like a joke.

The real Four Seasons quickly issued a tweet that they were not hosting the press conference, distancing themselves from the Trump trainwreck:

We are desperate to know which Trump lackey made the decision to book a landscaping company instead of the Four Seasons, but it’s impossible to know since everyone in the campaign has a black belt in poor decision-making. Giuliani told the tiny crowd that “networks don’t get to decide elections”, shaking his hands to the sky while surrounded by Corey Lewandowski and more unenthusiastic followers. It was a pathetic, delusional ending for the man who was once America’s Mayor.

Members of the press started leaving after the major networks called the election for Biden.

People on social media were quick to roast Trump (who was at his Virginia golf course) and his team for the absurd presser. The air is thick with schadenfreude and joy too great to contain. Trump’s legal team is made up of the dumbest people in the land:

Go ahead and laugh, America. You’ve earned it.

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