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Oh Shut Up, Morning Joe, Booing Donald Trump Is Extremely Patriotic


Melania and Donald Trump attend Game Five of the 2019 World Series

Over the weekend, Donald and Melania Trump attended Game Five of the World Series at Nationals Park in Washington D.C. (They also brought along a number of Republicans, including Matt Gaetz, who presumably earned his spot with last week’s embarrassing and sycophantic “protests” around House impeachment hearings.)

But when Trump’s presence was announced to the crowd, the 41,000 baseball fans in attendance (or at least a good number of them) switched from cheering to booing as soon as his face hit the jumbotron. You really do love to see it.

Here’s a good angle of Melania appearing to realize they’re being booed before anyone else.

And a third angle of the whole stadium. This one is really fantastic.

Not only did the crowd boo the Trumps, but they launched into a spontaneous chant of “Lock him up,” which I guess Trump doesn’t love hearing outside of his own rallies.

It was a truly incredible moment.

But as we know, something this good is just begging to bring out terrible hot takes. It was only a matter of time.

And when it comes to bad takes on good things, the hosts of Morning Joe are, as usual, first in line. On this morning’s show, Joe Scarborough called the chanting “un-American” and Mika Brzezinski called it “sickening.”

“We are Americans and we do not do that. We do not want the world hearing us chant ‘Lock him up’ to this president or to any president,” Scarborough said, to which a whole lot of people responded, please STFU. 

“Sorry Joe” has been trending all morning and that video above is getting Twitter ratioed out of existence.

By the way, if you’re wondering why Trump didn’t throw the first pitch, it’s because that honor went to chef José Andrés, an outspoken critic of Trump. Andrés has frequently tweeted criticism of Trump, especially regarding his immigration policies. The two were also engaged in a two-year legal battle after Andrés pulled out of a restaurant deal in response to Trump’s insulting comments about Mexican immigrants.

(image: Geoff Burke – Pool/Getty Images)

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