Tropicana Builds 4 Million Lumen Artificial Sun to Brighten London’s Bleary Morning

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London is not exactly known to be a bright and happy place, especially not in the dead of winter. To combat this, art collective Greyworld and Tropicana built a massive “artificial sun” in Trafalga Square. Using some 60,000 light bulbs, the faux-sun pumped out an incredible 4 million lumens. For comparison, a 23 watt compact fluorescent bulb puts out about 1500–1600 lumens. In the midst of a dark, dreary winter this art installation gave Londoners an additional 3 hours of sunlight. Careful readers will remember that Tropicana also shed light on the sun-deprived city of Inuvik, Canada. But as impressive as it is, it’s even more amazing to watch its construction.

(via If It’s Hip It’s Here)

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