TRON Guy Banned from Watching TRON: Legacy in TRON Suit. TRON

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Internet icon Jay Maynard, whose famous TRON suit went viral before viral was a thing, was unsurprisingly pretty pumped about TRON: Legacy: In his review of the film, he wrote, “As the credits rolled, I had to fight off tears. I would have been deeply honored and pleased to have my name associated with Tron: Legacy in some way, even if the sequel had stunk up the theater. With the film as outstanding as it actually turned out, that would have been an experience like no other.”

Alas, though his skintight glowing costume arguably did more to sear TRON into the public consciousness than anything else in the last ten years, at least before Legacy‘s massive marketing budget kicked in, a Minnesota movie theater would not let Maynard wear it to TRON: Legacy screenings, saying it was “too distracting.”


Jay Maynard — who’s been doing the Tron Guy thing since ’04 — tells TMZ, he gave his local movie theater a heads-up that he planned to see the new “Tron” flick in his famous costume … but for some reason, they “adamantly” insisted he wouldn’t be admitted if he suited up.

(TMZ via AV Club)

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