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Norwegian Town Won’t See the Sun Again Until 2011

If you thought 30 days of night sounded excessive, try two months: The town of Tromsø, Norway, north of the Polar Circle,  has been in a perpetual state of night since the 21st of November, and it’s expected to remain dark until January 21st.

To mark the beginning of the ‘Mørketid’ as the period without daylight is called, hundreds of local kindergarten kids each brought a homemade candle to the city square where they were all lit…

With long periods of darkness come long periods of light, of course: “The Midnight Sun occurs from about 18 May to 26 July, although the mountains in the north block the view of the midnight sun for a few days, meaning that one can see the sun from about 21 May to 21 July. Owing to Tromsø’s high latitude, twilight is long, meaning there is no real darkness between late April and mid-August.”

(Ordinary Finds via TYWKIWDBI via Neatorama)

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