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Sad Desperate Trolls Now Attacking Black Panther Score on IMDb

Marvel's Black Panther and Troll

Not content since Facebook cracked down on the nefarious plans to sabotage Black Panther’s Rotten Tomatoes rating because racism, a brigade of under-the-bridge dwellers have turned their attention to the Internet Movie Database.

Imagine being on your deathbed and seeing your life flash before your eyes and your greatest accomplishments amount to “complaining that a girl is the lead in Star Wars” and “messing with a superhero movie’s review score because it stars black people.” It’s really hard to understand why more franchises aren’t celebrating these guys’ obvious cultural superiority.

The troll dolls are at their idiot shenanigans again, targeting Black Panther‘s audience review score on IMDb—and because this operation is run by some real Einsteins, they’re flooding the movie with low scores prior to its wide release. As reports:

4,966 people gave Black Panther a 10/10 rating. From there, everything seemed to even out, with the ratings scores from nine to two receiving anywhere from 66 to 270 votes. This is where things get skewed. 1,820 people, 23.1 percent of voters, gave the film a 1 out of 10, the lowest score possible. That kind of massive disdain for the movie doesn’t add up with the trend being followed with the rest of the votes.

“There’s no chance that 8,000 people have already seen and rated Black Panther,” points out. Nope! But there are a few thousand disgruntled and hateful people who tell themselves they’re … protesting something with this bold activity.

Social justice? Feminists? Racial equality? What are we fighting against today in the troll army? Oh, yeah: striking a blow against the insidious forces of diverse superhero representation—by trying to lower the score count on a movie that is going to be massive, important, and incredibly successful regardless.

Although I’m angry that we have to have this happening at all,  the best take to take to heart is Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman on the troll campaign: “Whatever they do online doesn’t really matter.” Thinking about getting that printed on a t-shirt.

(via, image: Marvel Studios/Getty Images/Torsten Blackwood)

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