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Disney Is Right to Keep Oscars Focus on Black Panther Over Infinity War

2019 will be T'Challa's year. The Avengers can wait.

Last night, IndieWire ran a piece titled "Avengers: Infinity War Is Only Being Campaigned for One Oscar as Disney Wisely Prioritizes Black Panther," which revealed that the popular superhero event flick would only be under consideration for Best Visual Effects.

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Chadwick Boseman Stopped Marvel From Giving Wakandans a British Accent in Black Panther

Nothing but respect for our king.

Imagine King T'Challa shouting "Wakanda Forever!" in a British accent. It's not great, right? Thankfully, Chadwick Boseman was insistent that the people of Wakanda speak with an African accent.

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French Open Officials Won’t Allow Serena Williams to Wear Her Black Panther-Inspired Catsuit

Somebody please call in the Dora Milaje.

What does the French Tennis Federation have against Serena Williams? First, they denied her seeding in the 2018 French Open after she took a 14 month hiatus from playing to recover from having a baby. Now, they are not allowing her to wear her Black Panther-inspired compression suit to compete.

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Black Panther Gets The Oscar Push It Deserves

Now let's talk acting awards.

Forget the Best Popular Film category. Disney is going for the big prize with Black Panther this year. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Disney has hired veteran Oscar strategist Cynthia Swartz to help them with a campaign for the film; Marvel studio head Kevin Feige has set aside a significant budget for the campaign.

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Black Panther, BoJack Horseman, & More: Your Netflix Additions and Losses for September

Black Panther! The Breakfast Club! Lilo & Stitch! This is a good Netflix month.

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Things We Saw Today: The Black Panther: Wakanda Remixed Digital EP Drops Today

Plus Stranger Things, Keanu and Winona forever and more!

With tracks from The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, SZA and many more, the soundtrack to Marvel's Black Panther released several bangers that are still in near constant rotation on the radio. Now, composer Ludwig Göransson's beautiful score is getting the remix treatment.

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The Academy’s “Popular Film” Category Remains as Frustrating as Ever

I'm still so gosh darn mad about this!

Every time I think about the Academy's newest category, it's an instant dose of rage, complete with the urge to write a myriad of think pieces on why this is a patently bad idea. The abundance of other think pieces on the subject have served as a deterrent, but today my frustrations know no bounds. So, dear readers, let's talk about my two biggest fears and frustrations with this new category, because there are pretty much two ways it can go.

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The First Ever Wakandacon is Happening Right Now in Chicago

Wakandacon Forever!

Calling all Chicago-based nerds: Wakandacon is officially underway! The three-day fan convention and edutainment summit at the Hilton Downtown Chicago “celebrates Afrofuturism as well as black representation and excellence in film, STEM, tech, fine art and media.”

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The Original Black Panther Suit Is Going on Public Display for 4 Days Only

Fans of Black Panther, aka most good upstanding people, will soon have an opportunity to get a closer look at some Wakandian handiwork in real life.

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Tiffany Haddish Parodies Black Panther and Star Wars: The Last Jedi at the MTV Movie Awards

The MTV Movie and TV Awards were last night (well, they aired last night, anyway), and Black Panther and Stranger Things walked away with several awards each, but that wasn't the only way some of our favorite pieces of fiction got involved. Host Tiffany Haddish jumped right into the scenes of some of the latest and greatest movies for some parody antics, including Black Panther itself and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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Respectability Politics and the Black Male Superhero

Black Panther, Luke Cage, and Black Lightning have many things in common in terms of the world that the characters entered into. At the time the characters were created, they were filling a void of black male representation in comic books, and when the characters were adapted into live-action that same void was being filled again.

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Things We Saw Today: The Black Panther Team Breaks Down Their Special Effects

Plus Legion, Stan Lee, Godzilla vs Kong and more!

VFX in cinema have become so advanced that it's difficult to tell the difference between digital effects and practical ones. Black Panther, like other MCU films, featured a dazzling array of special effects throughout the film. Luma Pictures, the independent studio who built the visuals for the car chase sequence, released a video breakdown of the sequence in a fascinating look at cutting edge digital effects.

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Marvel Studios Exec Tried to Prevent One of the Biggest Shocks of Infinity War

[***If you still haven't seen Avengers: Infinity War, this post is basically just one big spoiler. You've been warned***]

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Did You Know Trevor Noah Was in Black Panther? We Didn’t Either!

"Surprise" A-List celebrity cameos have become A Thing in big tentpole movies, so much so, that they're generally advertised well in advance. So-and-so is gonna be a stormtrooper! and all that. Which is why the fact that a certain cameo in Black Panther is only now coming to light is surprising in and of itself.

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The Honest Trailer for Black Panther Is Here, and Now I Have That Toto Song Stuck in My Head

We knew it was coming, and we're so happy it did. Honest Trailers finally tackled one of our favorite movies of the year: Black Panther.

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Chadwick Boseman Gives Commencement Address at Howard University

Howard Forever!

Black Panther star/your boyfriend Chadwick Boseman was the commencement speaker at Howard University's graduation ceremony yesterday. Boseman returned to his alma mater to give words of wisdom to the new graduates in a rousing and inspiring speech that proved he's not just the king of Wakanda, he's the king of our hearts.

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Interview: Black Panther’s Brilliant Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter Gives Insight Into the Film’s Best Looks

To celebrate the home video launch of one of our favorite offerings in the MCU, TMS spoke with Black Panther's acclaimed costume designer Ruth E. Carter to uncover her inspirations behind some of the film's most iconic outfits.

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Ryan Coogler Would (and SHOULD) Totally Do a Female-Led Black Panther Spinoff

Shuri's already making her suit.

One of the best things about Black Panther was that T'Challa as a character was someone who was wise enough to heed the advice and guidance of the powerful women in his life, even his genius little sister. Director Ryan Coogler leaned into that, giving each of the women a chance to shine. Currently at the Cannes Film Festival being a boss, Coogler said in an interview that he would happily lean into that even further...maybe even into a female-led Black Panther spinoff.

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Things We Saw Today: Michael B. Jordan Wrote a Diary From the POV of Killmonger & It Sounds Incredibly Dark

Jordan says he does this for every role he plays, writing a diary that spans from the character's "earliest memory to the first page of the script." For Killmonger, though, that journey is "particularly dark."

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Things We Saw Today: Deleted Black Panther Scene Shows Marital Strife Between Okoye and W’Kabi

In a juicy scene that was cut from Black Panther, we have confirmation that Okoye and W'Kabi are indeed married (with children!) and the couple's differences of mind run deep.

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