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Fan Trailer That Mashes up Star Trek and Star Wars Is a Thing of Beauty

Space, the final frontier … in a galaxy far, far away.

For as long as both properties have been in existence, fans have compared, contrasted, and pitted Star Trek and Star Wars against each other. When I worked at Gizmodo, I ported over a post from Quora that asked which universe would win in an all-out battle, and that article has more than a million views and thousands of comments picking apart every single supposition. Many of us have Strong Feelings about these richly developed and longstanding fictional worlds.

So what I love most about this fan-made trailer, Trek Wars, is that there’s no competitive “this thing is cooler/better” vibe at all. Instead, its creator, Youtuber CaptainJZH, seamlessly combines the two properties to show us what an epic merging of our favorite spacefarers would look like, with the Federation taking on the encroaching threat of the Empire—as they surely would. In another bit of cleverness, CaptainJZH sticks to the classics and uses footage from the original Star Wars trilogy alongside early Trek cinematic outings, so the footage blends well tonally and visually.

I love the choice to keep it classic, but now that my mind’s started down this path it’s hard not to imagine so, so many more crossover possibilities. Deanna Troi falls hard for Han Solo, because she has a thing for roguish flyboys. Quark takes over the Star Wars cantina. Spock and Obi-Wan Kenobi engage in a friendly battle of mind-trickery. Luke Skywalker and Wesley Crusher go off to nerd out and built some droids together.

Princess Leia, Nyota Uhura, Kathryn Janeway, Jadzia Dax, Guinan, B’Elanna Torres, T’Pol, Kira Nerys, Padme Amidala, Beverly Crusher, Keiko O’Brien, Tasha Yar, Rey, Michael Burnham, and Seven of Nine form an all-lady alliance so badass that it destroys all evil forever. Okay, actually just take my money and please make that last movie, thanks. I’ll be over here dreaming up more of these scenarios.

(via io9, image: Paramount/Lucasfilm, Marvel)

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