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Transistor Is The Game With The Red-Headed, Sword-Wielding Female Protagonist You’ve Been Waiting For

I want to see as many Red cosplayers as possible this year, so get on it.

The follow-up to Supergiant Games’ 2011 indie smash BastionTransistor is a sci-fi action RPG that looks just as lovely as its predecessor. You play as Red, a young singer whose voice is stolen by The Process, a baddie she pursues relentlessly with her intelligent sword, Transistor. And the launch trailer looks epic.

Though Red doesn’t speak, she shares this quality with the male protagonist from Bastion, so I don’t take issue with it (unlike with Quiet, the horrifically-problematic mute female in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V). The game is gorgeous, features live-action and planning-mode gameplay, and, frankly, who doesn’t want to be a motorcycle-riding, giant-sword-wielding bad-ass like Red?

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