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Train Selfie Kid Will Make a Ton of Money for Getting Hilariously Kicked in the Head, It’s Now Less Hilarious

For your own sanity, avoid any math involving how long it would take you to make the same amount.

“Guy makes a giant pile of money for getting kicked in the head on video” is a phenomenon that I was comfortable to let die with America’s Funniest Home Videos. (Yeah, it’s still on, I know. But why?) Unfortunately, the Internet has stepped up to fill that void, and the kid who got kicked in the head by a train conductor and posted it online stands to make a huge profit.

So, don’t watch the embedded video unless you want to drop a few bucks in his pocket.

According to the CBC, Professional Boot to the Head Victim Jared Frank is working with a representative called Jukin Media to make sure he profits from being accidentally hilarious all over the Internet. CBC News wrote:

Frank said he was told his video could earn in the range of $2 to $16 per 1,000 views and he would get a 70 per cent share. Precise details will not be known until YouTube releases its regular mid-month report on view tallies.

However, as it stands now, the formula could generate from $30,000 to $250,000 for Frank. There is also a potential for additional revenues from licensing agreements.

Great. I was perfectly fine enjoying the humor in watching a guy get kicked in the head as the perfect retribution for taking dumb video selfies, but now my enjoyment of his misfortune has turned the whole thing around for his benefit. Ouch, irony. No need to be so heavy-handed in my smiting. I get it.

It doesn’t end there, though. He’s been approached by YouTube personalities and comedians about generating more content. I’d say that it won’t work, because the great thing about the first video was the divine justice aspect, but that would probably be underestimating the Internet’s desire to see people get hit by things comedically.

I mean, he’s even left plenty to the imagination, since America’s Funniest Home Videos has taught us through years of experience that the head is only the second funniest place for people to get hit with things on film. That’s probably why Frank wants to use his profits to go to film school instead.

He’d be compelled to top his previous comedic efforts, and once you go down the road of getting hit in the crotch for the Internet’s amusement, it’s probably difficult to turn back—or move or speak at all.

(CBC via UPROXX, image via Jared Michael on YouTube)

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