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Topher Grace Released The Trailer For His Star Wars Prequel Edit

We can aaaaalmost forgive him for his role in Spider-Man 3 now.


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Two years ago, Topher Grace hosted a secret screening of Star Wars III.5: The Editor Strikes Back, an eighty-five minute edit of the three Star Wars prequels that he put together to practice his filmmaking skills. We’ll probably never be able to see the actual cut he put together, but Grace did manage to get a fake trailer up online instead.

Because of the privacy settings on Grace’s Vimeo page, we’re having a hard time embedding it here, so if you want to go see it then you’ll have to check out his new website, Cereal Prize. Spoiler alert: he totally used the music from the Inception trailer, and I’m preeeetty sure he ADRed himself in for a Mark Hamill line at one point.

Grace also included a post-screening interview with several writers (including Steve Weintrub of Collider) who were invited to view the film, which is pretty fascinating in and of itself. Taped in the parking lot just after the movie ended, the 20 minute video discusses the structure of Grace’s version, which begins with the fight between Darth Maul and Qui Gon, thus effectively getting rid of all that stupid “Anakin Skywalker as a little kid” stuff. Check it out:

Seriously, I would give up most things to watch this version of the prequels. You want a pinky? I’m not really using my pinkies all that much. Just get me this file, man.

(via Cereal Prize)

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