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Be A Love Jedi With These Star Wars Valentine Gift Ideas

I did it all for the wookiee.


It’s been a tumultuous year for Star Wars fans, so take your relationship into hyperdrive this Valentine’s Day by showing you’ll be there for them no matter what Episode VII has in store. There’s only 16 days and 14 hours left to prove you’ve got the moves of a Calrissian, but we’ve compiled a list of gifts to make your 14th a little geekier.


Chocolate is always appreciated, especially when it comes in a collectible Star Wars box. This gourmet chocolate  is just 7.99 from Thinkgeek, and as their website reminds us, chocolate tastes much better than carbonite.

someone who lvoes you

For the sweetheart you would rescue from Jabba’s Palace, the “Someone Who Loves You” Lucasfilm Celebration IV print by Tim Proctor is a beautiful way to show you’re willing to go the distance — especially since the print is one of a series of thirty-six available exclusively from the Star Wars celebration in Orlando, Florida. But hey, at least it’s not Tatooine, right?


bobafettearrings2Thinkgeek offers these great Boba Fett earrings for 12.99,  because they’ve always thought Boba “Was A Stud.” Pin your guy or gal with these and get ready to do some bounty booty hunting of your own.


Remind your sweetheart (or, as suggests, yourself) of your uncompromising love with this “I Love You, I Know” bundle of a tee shirt and sweet silver pendant, 49.95 from Her Universe.


If all else fails, you could also buy your partner a “pleasure droid” available to make this Hallmark Holiday a memorable one. Geekologie found a whole line of (sadly nonexistent) sex toys that let you and your partner feel the force like never before, whether you’re using a C-3PO, R2-D2, or Storm Trooper model. They’re based on real Lelo products, though, so if you’re feeling crafty you could recreate them with some nontoxic paint.

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