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Top LEGO Indiana Jones Sets of 2024: Our 11 Favorites

Are you tired of the same old same old? Don’t you wish you could just throw the window open, lash your bullwhip around a conveniently placed crane hook, and swing away into a life of adventure? With these Indiana Jones LEGO sets, you can.

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1. Five in One Temple Building Set

A LEGO model of the "Indiana Jones" 5-in-1 Temple building set

Why pick one Indiana Jones adventure when you can have five? With the Five in One Temple Building Set, you can quintuple your adventuring options! Mix and match parts to build your own death trap of a Temple housing fabulous treasures within! Just make sure to brush up on your knowledge of Medieval Christian lore, or you might not make it out alive. “The Breath of God,” “The Word of God,” “The Path of God,” what’s it all mean? Better bring a Bible, or just a DVD of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Both have the answers, but one requires less reading.

2. The Last Crusade Vintage Tank

A LEGO model of a tank from "Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade"

What do you drive to work? A boring old Suburu? Trade it in for this Vintage Tank LEGO set from The Last Crusade! Imagine how fun your commute to work will be puttering this bad boy along by the side of the highway. People will fear you—or maybe fear for you. Either way, it’s better to stand out than fit in. With this thing’s 360-degree rotating cannon, standing out is all you’ll be doing.

3. Temple of the Golden Idol

A LEGO model of Temple of The Golden Idol from "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

The Temple of The Golden Idol! The first temple immortalized in Raiders of the Lost Ark! You navigate your Indy LEGO minfigure through the gauntlet of horrors inside this thing! Including the classic giant rolling boulder! Not only that, but you can turn this thing’s knobs to collapse the walls and make the Golden Idol itself glow with eerie, valuable light. How are you supposed to know that it’s worth anything otherwise?

4. Last Crusade Fighter Plane Chase

A LEGO model of a Fighter Plane Chase from "Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade"

What if the Vintage Tank just isn’t good enough for you? What if you need something that you can hold in your hand and run with? The Last Crusade Fighter Plane Chase is the perfect option! Now you can sprint down the city streets yelling “Pew pew!” as you fire this fighter plane’s stud shooters! Tired of flying? Then take a spin in the included car! Hang out with Indy’s dad! He was once James Bond, after all.

5. Escape From the Lost Tomb

A LEGO model of an Egyptian tomb from "Indiana Jones"

Sometimes we all need an escape, but why try to escape from boring philosophical concepts like “existential ennui” when you can escape from a literal tomb of death! The Escape From the Lost Tomb lets you flee from an Egyptian tomb with treasure in tow! Just don’t step on a snake! Like existential dread, they’re also poisonous, but instead of poisoning your mind, they’ll shut your lungs down! And if the snakes aren’t bad enough, just wait ’til you get a load of the falling Anubis head and the mummy!

6. Chauchilla Cemetery Battle

A LEGO model of the Chauchilla Cemetery Battle from "Indiana Jones"

Not even the dead are safe from adventure! With the Chauchilla Cemetery Battle, you can make even the saddest occasions full of fun. Gotta go to a depressing funeral? The grieving loved ones of the deceased are CERTAIN to smile when you run this set’s included motorcycle along the casket! They’ll be fainting with joy!

7. Motorcycle Chase

indiana jones motorcycle lego

Good news: Indiana Jones and his dad have found the map that leads to the Holy Grail. Bad news: the Nazis are hot on their tail. The Motorcycle Chase is sure to thrill you as you flee from Axis powers in order to grasp Christ’s cup! And look! It even comes with a gate to crash through! Property destruction is okay if it’s done in Jesus’ name.

8. Race for the Stolen Treasure

indana jones race for the stolen treasure lego

The Race for the Stolen Treasure is on! And look! Those Nazis were nice enough to bring not one, but TWO trucks for Indiana Jones to bullwhip himself onto and hijack. What? You think he was just gonna WALK to the treasure? Oh no. Not Indiana Jones. Maybe next time he could bullwhip his way onto a Prius? Reduce his carbon footprint as he chases down stolen dosh? You know, for the environment.

9. Venice Canal Chase

A LEGO set of a Venice canal chase from "The Last Crusade"

Venice will soon be underwater due to global warming. That’s bad for Venitians, but GREAT for Indiana Jones fans! More water equals more places that this Venice Canal Chase can go! Indy’s gonna need a lot of options, because these two dudes with fezes and guns look like they mean business. Look at this poor included Elsa minifugre; she looks terrified. Why did she have to betray Indy? They had such a good thing going. What could be more romantic than a relaxing cruise through the Venice canals? Don’t pay any attention to the men shooting guns. We’ve got plot armor to protect us.

10. Temple Escape

indiana jones temple escape lego

This Temple Escape is another version of the famous Temple of the Golden Idol—you know, the place with the boulder? Look! This set has a little included boulder, too! Unlike the previous set, this Temple Escape is much longer. Looks like at least twice the mortal peril! And what’s this? It even comes with an included bi-plane on which our heroes can make their escape? How convenient! Is it $900 worth of convenience? That’s for you and your wallet to decide—but if you manage to capture the Golden Idol, this thing will pay for itself!

11. Ambush in Cairo

indiana jones ambush in cairo lego

Don’t you just hate when you get ambushed in Cairo? So does Indiana Jones. The Ambush in Cairo features Indy fleeing from two dudes, one of whom is carrying a big ol’ sword! Too bad he had the misfortune of bringing it to a gunfight. With this set, you can recreate the famous scene of Indy shooting the swordsman right after he displays his edged weapon skills. All those fancy twirls ain’t gonna stop a bullet. Shoulda worn a vest.

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