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Tony Stark Did Not Die for Peter Parker to Just Disappear Again

He literally JUST undid that.

Tony Stark and Peter Parker hug in Marvel's Avengers: Endgame.

Tony Stark died to bring back Peter Parker to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and then Sony and Disney said, “Hey, what if we parted ways for now?” and now I want to cry.

I love the Iron Family, love makeshift father figure Tony Stark taking Peter Parker under his wing and teaching him the ways of being a superhero, even if Pepper Potts should have probably told Tony that Peter was much too young to be doing any of the things he did. (I like to pretend that Pepper yelled at Tony after Captain America: Civil War and that’s why he went full dad mode in Spider-Man: Homecoming.)

That being said, Tony Stark sacrificed his life with Pepper Potts and his daughter, Morgan, to bring back his pseudo-son. He couldn’t live with taking no action on the knowledge that he could bring back Peter Parker, so he figured out time travel and went through with a time heist with the Avengers; had to deal with the death of his friend, Natasha; and then, after a gruesome battle with Thanos, snapped his fingers, looked at Pepper Potts and Peter Parker, and let his arc reactor flicker out for the rest of time.

All for what? Peter Parker to leave the MCU once more and go to Sony, and forget that he ever went to Germany without Aunt May knowing what he was doing? To be fair, Sony’s statement on the matter doesn’t say anything about erasing Peter’s MCU history or that he won’t be in future MCU movies, so who knows what this all really means or how it will turn out—it seems like not even Sony knows. Still, Tony Stark died, and the world is burning (at least when it comes to Peter Parker).

Because many of us love Tony Stark (if you don’t, that’s fine! But we do and I still cry about him), Twitter was flooded with questions about what this means for our favorite genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist since his sacrifice for Peter.

I’m aware that Peter Parker being the protégé of Tony Stark is a Marvel Cinematic Universe addition to the characters. I grew up learning about Peter Parker; I have always loved him, and me enjoying the relationship established between Tony Stark and Peter Parker does not make me any less of a Spider-Man fan. So this Sony/Disney separation is leaving me with a lot of unanswered questions about how Peter Parker is going to use Stark technology, talk to Happy Hogan, reach out to Pepper Potts and Morgan Stark, and think back on his time at Stark Industries while, potentially, not being able to mention it?


(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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