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Sony’s Statement on Spider-Man’s Relationship With Marvel Is Reason for Hope

Peter Parker/Spider-Man wears Tony Stark/Iron Man's glasses in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Sony has officially made a statement about the “divorce” of our Spider-Man parents, basically saying, “We’re separating and we’re going to work on our differences and who knows? It could work out.”

News broke yesterday that negotiations between Disney and Sony over the future involvement of Marvel’s Kevin Feige in standalone Spider-Man films had come to the unsatisfactory end for fans of Feige no longer being involved, because to be honest, Sony shouldn’t be allowed to touch Peter Parker without a big dose of help. I remember Spider-Man 3.

That being said, Sony has now issued a statement about the situation that makes me feel a bit better about everything going on. Essentially, it says that Feige just has too much on his plate (which makes sense because he just acquired the Fantastic Four and all of the X-Men), not that Sony is deliberately taking Spider-Man away from him, and that he will not be the lead producer on the Spider-Man films going forward. And guess what? That’s all it says.

It doesn’t say that Peter Parker is gone from the MCU or that we have to completely erase what happened to Peter in regards to the reveal of his identity by Mysterio or how he feels about Tony Stark. None of that was said. That’s more fans yelling on Twitter and freaking out.

You can read their official statement on Twitter:

So, when you look at the wording and how Sony Pictures has addressed the issues, it seems as if there is still hope for Peter Parker to remain a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in bigger crossover pictures, and because of how the MCU’s future is set up, that gives Sony plenty of time to take the character on a journey with Jon Watts and Tom Holland that Feige has, apparently, already laid out with them. Not only that, but Sony’s obvious desire to reassure fans that as little as possible is changing is reason to be optimistic about their desire to keep him connected to the MCU.

Am I worried about the situation? Yes, of course. Peter Parker is my son, and I love him with my whole heart and have since I was a kid, but I don’t think that Disney would just give him up after working so hard to get him into the MCU, and I don’t think it means that Sony has to forget everything that happened with him in the MCU.

It’s somewhat good news for fans, as nothing is set in stone. Only time will tell, but it seems like everyone still wants the same thing.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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