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Tom Holland Reveals He’s Terrible at Keeping Identities Secret

Tom Holland, much like his counterpart, is not always the best at keeping his identity secret. Holland and Robert Downey Jr. went on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently to talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming, where Holland reveals he’s “over the moon” about the film while Downey (who participates in this interview much like a doting father would) has not yet seen it.

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The two talk about Holland’s casting and the behind-the-scenes culture clashes, as I find myself constantly forgetting that Holland is British and apparently had no idea what a homecoming is in the context of American high schools. “We got halfway through shooting the movie,” says the Spider-Man actor, “I was like, by the way, what’s homecoming?” He adds that homecoming is referred to as ‘prom’ across the pond, adding that there’s alcohol involved. “My prom was a disaster,” he confesses.

To prepare for his role as an American student then, Holland joked he should go undercover at a school—a suggestion Marvel took seriously. That school was the Bronx School of Science, where the actor admits he was out of his element in a crowd of gifted students. “You’re like the worst narc there is,” says Kimmel.

Holland also shares a “funny experience” where he just totally gives away his secret to a girl he sat next to—again, the worst narc.

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