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The Mary Sue Is Looking for Contributing Writers!

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[Update: 5/30/2018] We’re on the lookout for new contributors again!

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Thank you for all your submissions. Even if you have not received a personal response, we read them all and greatly appreciate everyone who took the time to send us their wonderful ideas on our contributor submission form. With so many great pitches, of course, we were unable to accept them all. That means that if you have not received a response (on pitches submitted before 5/29/2018), we unfortunately had to pass on your pitch, but don’t give up! We’re always open for new contributors and pitches, and just because we haven’t contacted you yet doesn’t mean we won’t want to work with you in the future.

If you did get a response and wrote an article for us, please feel free to send additional pitches to the editor you worked with!

Here are some tips on what we’re looking for:

  • Be specific! Tell us what you want to write about and why it needs coverage on The Mary Sue, in as much detail as you can. We’re much more likely to accept pitches for specific articles, rather than for ongoing coverage or general topics.
  • Be timely! What is everyone watching, reading, and playing right now? We want to dive into it as deeply as we can before the next thing comes along, and so do our readers—although speculating about that next thing is also welcome.
  • Be opinionated! We thrive on analyzing our favorite pieces of fiction, and our contributors are key in doing that.

[Original post:] Do you want to write for The Mary Sue? We want that, too!

Make no mistake, our pop culture-addled editorial staff watches a lot of TV and movies, not to mention all the books and comics we read, and the games we play. But there are only so many binge-watching hours in a day, and our contributing writers provide an invaluable way to expand what we cover and deliver great, intersectional feminist writing on the incredibly wide range of things our readers care about so deeply.

That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new contributors, so consider this your periodic reminder that we want your pitches! If there’s something you’re burning to write about, we’d like to find it a home on the site—bonus points if it’s something that’s missing from our everyday coverage. We’re open to all kinds of pitches, from opinion pieces on your favorite piece of geek media, to recaps, reviews, ongoing series, and anything else you could imagine.

If you’ve got an idea for us, head on over to our contributor form (right here) and fill out some information about yourself, your interests, and what you’d like to write. If we like what you’ve come up with, we’ll get in touch with you about working together. Writers of all levels of experience are encouraged to pitch, and we adore diverse perspectives!

If you’re having trouble coming up with an idea at the moment but would still love to publish your work with us, keep in mind that we’re always looking for new voices and perspectives. Feel free to drop by the above form at any time and pitch us an idea—the more the merrier!

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