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“Finally A Hulk With No Pants”—The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments Of the Week

Today in Awesome

We have a lot of awesome commenters—and some asshole commenters, but well, we delete those. Most of you are awesome. Like 99%. To celebrate your effervescent wit, we thought we’d try out a weekly post where we call out some of our favorite comments from the past week. The first set of bragging rights goes to…

“Why is Thomas the Tank Engine censoring the bulge window? Why does he hate artistic freedom!?” by BOBRACHA in response to the male version of Power Girl’s boob window.

“Well, back in the day, they made a cartoon out of the Gummi Bears, and that one turned out pretty good, so I’ll withhold judgement on the Peeps thing.” by Mehmed Celebi in response to Peeps, Barbie, and Disney’s It’s a Small World getting movies.

“Sam came to Baby Sam to like, touch his hand or whatever and that baby like ‘Uh, I don’t really know you that well, dude, I mean what you just said to my mom? What are you intentions, man?’ That baby hella smart. That baby gonna be a Wildling-rights activist.” by Adrian in response to Jill and Rebecca’s favorite moments from Game of Thrones, “Breaker of Chains”.

missdk’s helpful guide to non-sexist resources for learning to code, in response to the Codebabes debacle.

‘”Neville Longbottom’d”? What does she mean by that?’
*Googles “Neville Longbottom actor”*
‘Oh. Oh I see.’ by Lowprices in response to the new How to Train Your Dragon 2 featurette.

“Finally a Hulk with no pants.” by Rachael W. (on Facebook) in response to this Hulktastic top pic.

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