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“Ivy Pepper? What, Were ‘Daisy McFertilizer’ and ‘Rose O’FlowerVillain’ Already Taken?”: Our Favorite Comments of the Week

Violet VanVegetable?

poison ivy btas

It’s Friday. Stuff has happened this week. There’s a certain thing from A Song of Ice and Fire that won’t be in Game of Thrones (book spoilers). Gotham character posters landed, with an interesting/dumb name change. And let’s not forget about (maybe) virgin Voldemort! Let’s see what you had to say about all of it.

“Puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy! Puppy! Puppy!
Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!”—Violet shares the ultimate comment for all posts relating to dogs.

Adrian says “Well, to play devil’s advocate, I heard Sunset Overdrive doesn’t have horses that poop in real-time.” So take that, video game gender equality!

“Aerial Drone in the Sky. I can go twice as high.”—TheChief comes up with the theme song for the Florida library lending out aerial drones.

“He who must not be laid” is the only comment to J.K. Rowling addressing Voldemort’s (possible) virginity that you need. Thanks, Robin.

No, wait, this one by Diddy_Mao, too: “I honestly always assumed that he and Bellatrix had, at least on one occasion Expectoed the two-backed Patronum.”

“Yeah, and J.J. Abrams swore the Star Trek: Into Darkness villain was a completely new, original character.”—silaria keeps hope alive in the post about that Game of Thrones omission. (Book spoilers at the link.)

“I would love to have been at the first meeting between producers/Rigg: ‘You know I’m not doing the toothless thing [as Lady Olenna], right’ ‘Yes, Dame Diana. Whatever you’d like.'”—strega2012 shares this fly-on-the-wall moment from Game of Thrones casting negotiations that probably definitely happened.

“False. Trick question. Females in general are physically less capable than males artistically because their breasts hinder arm movement and their hands are too delicate to properly handle writing utensils. BIOLOGY.”—Sorry, Gail Simone, Sweet Caroline shot a hole in the logic of your inspiring essay about female comic creators. Don’t you feel like a dummy now?

Sitcoms can’t entirely be the realm of bitter cynics, because “Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt made me believe in true love.” Me too, tredlow. Me too.

“Oh God, I’m just a grain of sand in the great vastness that is the universe. What does it all mean? Does my life amount to anything? Am I-…oh, porn!”—Kristopher_Smith responds to the website that lets you see the scale of the universe.

“Ivy Pepper? What, were ‘Daisy McFertilizer’ and ‘Rose O’FlowerVillain’ already taken?”—Jon E. Christianson is not pleased about Poison Ivy’s (née Pamela Isley) name change in Gotham.

“Look. I don’t know why root canals get such a bad rap. Lemme say, I’ve HAD a root canal, and it wasn’t all that bad. In fact, it was WAY WAY WAY better than the situation that brought me in for the root canal in the first place. I mean, you only get a root canal if you’re already in pain, and then they numb you up so it doesn’t hurt, and then they fix your tooth. It’s really more boring than anything else. So, yeah I’m going to just up and say that, from what I’ve heard about all the Transformers movies, I’d rather have a root canal than watch them.”–Ian Osmond breaks down why, counter to my assertion, going to see Transformers: Age of Extinction is actually worse than getting a root canal. Let’s debate!

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