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“Being a Woman Is Not a Political Stance”: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week

and let it be known

This one goes to all our commenters. We love ya. We just love the ones who wrote the comments behind the jump a little bit more this week. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.

“The Phoenix Force: NOT EVEN ONCE.”—Ian Fay‘s proposed slogan for an X-Men PSA is on point.

“If TMS allowed for gifs I’d post that gif of Cersei angrily drinking wine because that’s literally me about this thing”—Teamugs sums up our reaction to Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man perfectly.

”Like a rainbow and dream factory, where the columnists ride in on unicorns riding a wave of skittles. They write their articles powered only on coffee and concentrated awesome. That’s how I imagine, at least.”—Yeah, Calum Syer’s assessment of the day-to-day here at The Mary Sue is pretty accurate.

B.G. Paulus ruminates that “I’ve often felt that there was too much cynicism in soccer” in response to the Great Netflix Movie Summary Mash-Up Bug of 2014.

“If it bleeds, we can hug it better.”—Lowprinces in response to the cutest Predator cosplay you ever did see.

“What does he say at the end? ‘Logan urinate?'”—Hannele Kormano hears the best Mondegreens. It’s “Logan, you’re an idiot,” but Hannele, I heard “urinate” too. E-NUN-CI-ATE.

In response to comics characters as rock stars, Janna points out “Thor already comes from the land of the ice and snow from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.” I understood that reference!

Take us home, HamsterMasterSamster, with your excellent commentary on Steven Moffat‘s most recent statement about the possibility of a female Doctor:

“*eyeroll* I cannot bloody stand the argument that being inclusive and open to diversity is ‘political’. Being a woman is not a political stance.

Unfortunately we do not yet live in a world where genuinely blind casting happens, where opportunities exist on a completely level playing field regardless of gender or race or many other marginalised attributes. That’s why creators of media are extremely likely to fall into the same old casting patterns if they do not ~actively~ consider non-traditional casting. This is the same bullshit that leads to ‘we cast White Male because he was the best for the part’ when your casting call specified ‘Caucasian males only.’ Other diverse, equally qualified people do not get the same look-in, so waiting for the right element of diversity to accidentally catch your eye is not the way to deal with this.

It’s not politics. It’s not meeting quotas. It’s awareness, and actively creating opportunities for people who get a very small slice of the pie by default otherwise.”

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