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Titans Releases Team Photo, Terrible Costumes Still Terrible

Titans-Official-Robin-Image (1)

The latest image from DC Universe’s Titans shows the “team” standing together in a pose that looks cut out from different superhero genres like a really weird Frankenstein’s monster.

Wow, just wow. Titans you really just want to keep showing us that damn wig huh?

Dick Grayson’s edgelord look is the only one on brand, while Beast Boy and Raven look straight out of the Disney Original Movie with the budget redacted. Starfire … oh Starfire. Can we please burn this whole look? Keep the actress, but just get rid of everything else.

Of course, fans are still confused as to what the final product will be/look like when it airs, but as of yet the mood seems appropriately whelmed.

Oh and of course there is the drop of racism towards Starfire. Nothing like a Friday to really bring out the bigotry.

There was also news that officially confirmed that Jason Todd would be in the series and there would be a conflict between him and Dick Grayson. As from the moment I heard about this news, I am still confused as to why Jason Todd exists in a world where Dick Grayson is in an anti-Batman mode? Unless Todd is the reason for this attitude, but I doubt it. Also, if Dick and Jason both exist why isn’t Dick just Nightwing? Will Tim Drake be here? Cassandra Cain? How deep does the Robin/Bat-Family hole go?

I mean, I don’t actually care, I just want to know because I want to enjoy Titans because I enjoy Teen Titans as a franchise and as a group of characters. I’m already salty about the loss of Cyborg and everything Starfire costume related, so I’m hoping as we get closer to release we will get some more good news rather than just more embarrassing costuming choices.

What do you guys think?

(via Entertainment Weekly, image: DC Universe)

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