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Titans Sets Up a Redemption Arc and New Romance in “Home”

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Well, that didn’t take too long. Jason Todd was, in some way, always marked for redemption, and part of making Titans an “adult” show means that it is filled with heroes who have killed, either by accident or on purpose. But it is a choice to have that redemption happen so soon.

Spoilers for Titans Season 3, Episode 8, “Home.”

Having Crane drug him and seeing all their plans go up in flames probably sobered Jason up really quickly. Scarecrow was always using Jason, and it seems like that, more than anything, has allowed Robin #2 to realize that this path isn’t leading him to a better place. When Jason tries to get more anti-fear gas, Crane says he doesn’t have any left, but he has a new plan: dumping fear toxin concentrate into Gotham City’s water supply. Jason knocks Crane out and leaves.

Following up from “51%” Gar has tracked down Jason’s friend Molly hoping to get in contact with Jason before the people who are willing to kill him find him instead.

Jason goes to a red light district and gets two sex workers to take on the role of “Hank” and “Dawn” to apologize to “them” for his actions. The scene is actually pretty well-done, considering, but it is also a reminder that Jason murdered his friend and used that friend’s partner to commit the act. Dick and Gar and some others might want to forgive him, but what about Dawn? How can he make amends for that betrayal and trauma?

But let’s switch to another Robin: our dear Tim Drake. Drake arrives at Wayne Manor saying that he knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman and Dick is Robin/Nightwing. He knows because he was at the circus Dick used to work for and remembered his one-armed swing—a swing that Robin/Nightwing can do, despite its rarity, not to mention that Robin arrives on the scene as soon as Bruce Wayne adopts Dick. It is honestly not rocket science, but I have always loved this element of Tim’s character—the true detective Robin.

Dick, however, tries to deny all of this, but Tim can’t be fooled. Using information about Tim seeing Jason, Dick attempts to track him using Barbara’s technology, only to be hit by a truck on his motorcycle. Jason calls 911 and saves his life.

This infuses some goodwill into their relationship because when Molly is able to get in contact with Jason, requesting Dick to meet him, the older Robin goes. Jason declares that his actions were because of the “drugs” and that he wants to come home. “Be with my friends. Be a Titan again,” he says. But how is that possible?

Dick offers to let Jason come home again, but the other Titans, sans Gar, want Jason to be punished.

Tim tails Jason, but when they arrive at the pumping station, Crane shoots Tim. Jason finds Tim, but flees the scene when the Titans arrive. Thankfully, they save Tim and stabilize him. Starfire and Dick go after Crane and accidentally allow the toxic gas to be pumped into the Gotham water supply.


We will see the results of that oops next week.

In addition to the main plot, we also got side stories with Starfire and Crane.

Blackfire and Conner have been boning and being very cute about it when Starfire walks in on them in a trance-like state. Her dreams are back, but this time not coming from Blackfire.

I have honestly enjoyed Blackfire and Conner. Their relationship has matured quickly, but somehow, they actually have pretty solid chemistry. It has been annoying to see people chomping at the bit to see her turn evil and betray him. While I am also on edge about them ruining the development they’ve made with Blackfire, her relationship with Conner seems like a genuine expression of her desire to be cared for.

Crane’s mommy issues are less interesting, but very much there. His mother says he has no ambition, but it’s like—he’s like a B-tier Batman villain. For Gotham, that is pretty good.

Could be worse. Your son could be Calendar Man.

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