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Tim the Enchanter Makes for a Better Conversationalist Than Luke in Force Awakens/Monty Python Mashup

"There are some who call me... Tim."

Rey could’ve found anybody on that mountaintop. Let’s be honest with ourselves. So what might it have looked like if she found, say… Tim the Enchanter? Enter YouTuber levellord, who mashed up The Force Awakens with Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Here, Rey doesn’t exactly find Luke as much as she finds, well, another magical, uh… being.

I mean, have you ever stopped to consider how lucky Rey and crew might have been when the deus ex machina map containing Luke’s location finally showed up in The Force Awakens? To be honest, that map could’ve pointed to anybody, plus there was no confirmation that he was even still alive. So the odds of actually finding one specific person hidden on a random planet somewhere in the galaxy are, admittedly, pretty darn slim (just don’t tell that to the late Han Solo).

Best part of this video is in how it nails comedic timing through some clever edits, which you can see in the part where Rey is about to hand over the lightsaber, but very quickly packs it away and backs off once Tim reveals who he really is. While I’d like to say I’d love to see an entire movie mashup between TFA and Holy Grail, I feel the need to point out that if that were to ever see the light of day, we’d be absolutely drowning in geeks and nerds quoting the darn movie forever and ever and ever and ever.

I mean seriously, think about it. How many Monty Python quotes can you run off the top of your head just right now? See what I mean?

(via A.V. Club)

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