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Guy Rescues a Baby Moose, Takes It to Tim Horton’s, Because Canada

Tim Horton's may be a perfect habitat for Canadians, but not so much for moose.

That’s it, we’ve found the essence of Canada. This is a story about a guy doing something nice and selfless that involves a moose and Tim Horton’s. It’s not always the best idea to take in stray animals you find on the side of the road, but if you do, taking them for donuts is probably the way to go.

Sadly, the moose’s mother was killed in a car accident as all too many moose are, so no one was around to teach it not to get into cars with strangers who offer treats. Good thing this story takes place in Canada, so when Stephan Michel Desgroseillers of Sadbury, Ontario picked the moose calf up, they just went and hung out at Tim Horton’s together. That’s how we wound up with this adorable video of the calf aggressively snuggling everyone it can find.

Of course, though Desgroseillers told CBC News that he couldn’t walk three feet away from the calf without it whining, it eventually needed a better home than a donut shop. He had already kept the calf overnight out of confusion over what he should do with it, saying to CBC:

I couldn’t figure out what to do. I was pulled over by the police at this time, and they tried to help me out and contact the people. They couldn’t get a hold of anybody.  Police basically told me, ‘Steph, you have a pet until you can get a hold of the proper people to take care of the calf.’

Eventually, he did get a hold of the proper people, and now the calf is being cared for at Wild At Heart animal refuge. Some have criticized the pit stop at Tim Horton’s where the video was shot, but at least the calf is now doing well at the animal refuge.

(via io9, image via crazynews on YouTube)

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