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Tiktok’s ‘Your Korean Dad’ Is the Wholesome Content I Need Today

Bring tissues. You're gonna need them.

Nick Cho from TikTok account 'Your Korean Dad'

Nick Cho is my Korean dad and he can be yours too. Just to clarify, I’m not Korean and have never met my Korean dad. But like 2 million of Cho’s fans over on his TikTok, I have been adopted and am totally ok with it. Lovingly called ‘Your Korean Dad‘ Cho’s TikTok has become a wholesome place I can go to when I need to be reminded of how kind, gentle, and compassionate people truly can be. Also, it’s a COVID-19 escape where he takes you on adventures like trips to Walgreens and on hikes or longboard rides where you hold hands.

‘Your Korean Dad’ is also a place where Cho shares his love for people. He gives out advice on heartbreak, makes you feel seen, and like you’re not alone in the world. Just read the comments on his videos and you’ll see how touched people are by his videos. Also, his enthusiasm for doing stuff with the viewer makes me feel like someone cares even though we’ve never met, and that feeling is something I want to hold onto. So, join the family and watch Nick Cho do mundane and ordinary things that inspire and somehow pull at the heartstrings at the same time. Enjoy!

@yourkoreandad##pov ##YourKoreanDad got us bánh mì! Do you have a favorite bánh mì? Have you tried it yet? ##banhmi ##mukbang♬ original sound – Nick Cho

@yourkoreandad##YourKoreanDad talks about ##heartbreak, from a ##breakup or otherwise. I’m really sorry for how much you’re hurting. 💔♬ original sound – Nick Cho

@yourkoreandad##POV ##YourKoreanDad takes you ##hiking!♬ original sound – Nick Cho

@yourkoreandadI was thinking today about this first video of the time we went to Walgreens. Happy times! ##yourkoreandad ##pov♬ original sound – Nick Cho

@yourkoreandad##pov this was the very first ##yourkoreandad video (April 16, 2020). Last year was wild for everyone, me included. Hopeful for a great 2021! ##coffee♬ original sound – Nick Cho

@yourkoreandad##pov You and ##yourkoreandad make a gingerbread house!♬ original sound – Nick Cho

(image: @nickcho_ Instagram)

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