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Throwing Knife Crossbow Brings Jörg Sprave Back to his Knife-Hurling Origins

Jörg Sprave first came to our attention with his machette-shooting slingshot some time ago, and has since gone on to wow and horrify us with his DIY weapons. In this new video, Sprave returns to his knife-shooting roots with a crossbow designed to shoot throwing knives. It’s about as dangerous as it sounds.

Though we can always rely on Sprave to be a paragon of safety, in as much as he can with these devices, this particular crossbow scares me. Not because it’s a crossbow that shoots knives, but because it’s a crossbow that shoots knives that is muzzle-loaded. Seems like a great way to get something sharp embedded in your face.

That said, I can’t argue with results and Sprave’s design seems terrifyingly effective.

(via The Slingshot Channel)

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