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Nearly Three Years Later, It’s Finally Time to Understand Lost

It’s been nearly three years since we last loved, hated, and argued with our moms about Lost, but all that time still hasn’t let the various plots and implications of the story sink in. Thanks to Santiago Ortiz, we have this interactive guide, complete with detailed map and index, of everything we could possibly want to know about Lost, and how it all relates to each other.

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Somewhat unfortunately, the interactive map and index is quite laggy — possibly from being pummeled with traffic, or possibly just from the sheer weight of all that information — but it’s definitely worth a look if you were ever a fan of the show.

Even though you’ll be instantly crushed by the weight all that information, the site isn’t yet complete, and Ortiz plans to further develop the interactivity and amount of information available on the site. And hey, let’s be honest, even then it probably won’t fully explain the lore from the show.

Currently, the site features an enormous index, an interactive relationship web, a very large character matrix, and even a simple animate reenactments, complete with speed and zoom controls. The site is pretty thorough, but could use a bit of a facelift at the moment. Either way, we miss the hell out of Lost, despite how ridiculous it was, and anything that lets us relive it without spending a month watching it all in succession on Netflix again is alright by us. Give it a whirl.

(Lostalgic via The Verge)

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