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There Are At Least 3 Different Kinds of Jeffrey Dahmer Earrings


If you’re trying to make some sort of statement, or really want to be ironic in some way that doesn’t quite make sense, or are really into serial killers and also jewelry, you’ll be happy to know that — somehow — there are at least three different kinds of Jeffrey Dahmer earrings in the wild, some of which you can purchase.

Jeffrey Dahmer, you may remember, was an infamous serial killer who killed 17 males, the murders of which involved dismemberment, necrophilia, rape, and eventually cannibalism. He was later killed in prison by a fellow inmate.

From Amanda Shea, on Etsy, these Dahmer bottle cap earrings feature his mugshot. The bottle cap is painted black on the front and left unpainted on the back. They run $12, with $3 shipping to the U.S., $5 shipping to Canada, and $7 shipping to everywhere else.

From Liz and Jordan, on Etsy, these next Dahmer earrings don’t feature his mugshot, but a different picture of the serial killer without glasses. They earrings are oval in shape, with the 1.5-inch pictures set in a 2-inch Hypoallergenic silver frame. They run $14.99, with an added $2.50 shipping to the U.S., $4,99 to Canada, and $6.99 to everywhere else.

Thirdly, we have this illustrated set of earrings of the infamous cannibal, found on Marcella Marsella’s Flickr:

Who knew that Dahmer had such a loyal following of earring makers out there?

(h/t World of Wonder)

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