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This Three-in-One Pen Is a Must-Have at $49



If pens had celebrity twins, this one’s would be triple-threat actor-singer-dancer Neil Patrick Harris. Alright, so the Beyond Ink pen can’t act, sing, or dance (yet), but it is a three-in-one stylus, charger, and flash drive. Get the USB version or the micro USB version for $49 at the Mary Sue Shop.

Okay, make that quadruple-threat. The Beyond Ink works as an actual ballpoint pen when writing on paper, and switches in seconds to a stylus tip for the tablet. Low on smartphone power? Use the Beyond Ink’s built-in phone cable to charge it. It also includes a built-in flash drive, with 16GB of space for files, photos, music, and more.

Start multi-tasking. Get the USB version or the micro USB version of the Beyond Ink pen for $49 at the Mary Sue Shop.

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