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Things We Saw Today: Any Single Woman over 26 Is Now a Thornback. It Is Law.

Spinsters are now thornbacks

Remember back to the good ol’ days when women had to be married by the time they were, oh, say, 23, or they were referred to as rude names?

Well, Twitter user Sophia Benoit does! The writer took to Twitter to share some interesting points about the idea of a ‘”spinster” and what it means to still be unwed when you’ve passed the ages set by society (the patriarchy).

While being called a spinster sucks—because it is sexist, outdated, and frankly ridiculous—I’m personally proud to have moved passed spinster-dom into my life as a thornback. Come one and all, welcome yourselves to the life of a thornback!

“Thornback” with its old-fashioned connotations is still an archaic way of looking at women (because there is just the term bachelor for men, right? I can’t think of anything else) but it is fun if we reclaim it. Reclaiming my time, reclaiming my age, reclaiming the use of the word thornback! “Thornback” has a powerful energy just waiting to be channeled into 2019.

Spinster cat comic

(source: Twitter)

Here are some other things we saw today!

  • Everything is Goose the cat and nothing hurts!!!! The cat wrangler from the set of Captain Marvel talks about the moment that made our beloved Flerken cat a hero. (via Vulture)
  • Speaking of some of our Marvel favorites, there is finally a director set for Shang-Chi, the studio’s first project with an Asian lead, and it’s Destin Daniel Cretton! Cretton has a history directing MCU stars like Brie Larson and Michael B. Jordan. (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • A dad turned his daughter into Captain Marvel and no, I’m not crying. You’re crying so it just LOOKS like I’m crying. (via The Huffington Post)
  • We may miss the Mars rover Opportunity with all of our hearts, but we’re still getting a look at some of the images that it captured. Like this panorama of Mars. (via Engadget)

Did we miss anything good out there today, Mary Suevians?

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