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Thor: Ragnarok as an Anime Intro Will Make You a Happier Person

Happiness guaranteed

Taika Waititi’s candy-colored supergod romp Thor: Ragnarok has been given the anime intro treatment! This video is the first thing that made me smile this week and stop thinking, for a marvelous one minute and twenty-one seconds, about how the President of the United States is almost certainly compromised by Russia and that Vladimir Putin wakes up crying with laughter every single day.

The thematic mash-up, made by YouTuber no name Animation, plunges us head-on into anime vibes with a rousing pop song and clever slicing and dicing of footage that had me grinning from the first moment.

Of course, Ragnarok, with its bright sets and vibrant costumes, its flying dragons and its Jeff Goldblums, particularly lends itself to a kicky anime-inspired style, but I think it would be fun to see this done across the Marvel movie board.

Also? Could we have an actual anime of Thor: Ragnarok, set maybe prior to its apocalyptic events? I will personally pay Marvel and Taika Waititi $1 and also sign over my eternal soul to make that happen.

I mean: imagine the possibilities. We could have the prequel adventures of the Grandmaster, Valkyrie, and Topaz on Sakaar, pre-revolution! Explore what the hell the Hulk was up to for the two years between Ultron and Ragnarok! (Spoiler alert: fighting. A lot.) Lounge around with Loki after he dispatches his father to Earth, banishes Heimdall, and pretends to be the King of Asgard! Find out what Thor did on his fruitless quest to find out more about the Infinity Stones! Travel back in time and hang out with Hela and her adorable giant mega-wolf Fenris as they rampage across the galaxy, carving out a bloody empire for Asgard!

Taika, please call me. I have a lot of ideas.

(via Kotaku, image: screengrab/no name Animation/Marvel Studios)

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