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Every TikTok I See Is Related To THAT Pedro Pascal Fancam—And I’m Not Mad About It

[Guitar strumming] How would you like to ride home on a real cowboy?

Pedro Pascal as Agent Whisky in Kingsman

The release of The Last of Us reminded me (and pretty much everyone else on the planet, it seems) that Pedro Pascal once strolled into my life wearing the sun-and-spear robes of Prince Oberyn Martell and hasn’t left since. The past five weeks have been a grand carousel of me re-obsessing all over again over Pedro content in between one The Last of Us episode and the next—and of course, fancams are playing a big part in that. Because they are truly a heaven-sent gift for fans everywhere.

When it comes to Pedro Pascal fancams, though, there’s one that has been making the rounds on seemingly everyone’s For You pages—and that’s the masterpiece edited by TikTok user @dvcree. Dedicated to Agent Whiskey, the character Pascal plays in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and starting off with the now iconic line he delivers to Halle Berry’s Agent Ginger Ale before blasting Shaggy’s Hey Sexy Lady, the original fancam has garnered more than two million views and pretty much single-handedly created a new meme.

It’s fascinating to see—no matter how many times I’ve seen it happen before with this or that fandom trend—how the fan content made revolves first around the original material and then shifts to focus on the reception of said fan content. I can’t tell you how many TikToks I’ve seen along the lines of “my reaction every time I hear THAT sound coming from my friend’s phone”. It’s hilarious. I love every single one of them.

Arguably the best part of all of this is that Pascal himself clearly knows. Clearly. I would put good money from my treasured tattoo fund on the fact that he has seen this exact fancam. He had said times and times again that he watches fan content sometimes, but even if we didn’t factor that in, one of his sketches during his Saturday Night Live episodes is pretty much all the confirmation we needed. What are the chances that he worked on a sketch focusing on a very tired professor whose students keep making fancams of without seeing the fancams his fans are making of him? Zero, exactly. So he knows.

Considering that we still have half the season of The Last of Us ahead of us and then the entire third season of The Mandalorian, I would say that this Pedro Pascal omnipresence isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And I’m most definitely not complaining—it’s what he deserves and it’s also what I deserve.

Alexa play Hey Sexy Lady.

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